How To Stop Feeling Sad and Raise Your Frequency on Bad Days

How to shift from feeling sad and raise your frequency

Release Emotions and Fake Laugh!

Fake Laughter is the BEST medicine 😂
This pic is of me and my bestie.
She told me to fake laugh for this photo and when we did it turned into REAL laughter LOL!
You can create so much joy from within.
It’s all about trying to change focus.
Day to day my role as a healer consists of helping people heal and release wounds of the past so that their god given peace and joy from within can surface.
Sometimes they are so deep seeded from trauma or childhood. Sometimes it’s a more recent imbalance that is circumstantial.
Whichever one is plaguing my clients, all of them experience what is called a low vibrational frequency.
That can be trapped in the body causing us to feel the same low feelings.
Our emotions, the negative statements and also stress that gets created from our glands all have a part to play.
They all have a certain frequency.
The low vibrational frequencies can get us feeling stressed, sad and upset, easily defensive and overthink.
They can get trapped in our subconscious from events or even just short moments of the past that felt strong enough to stick and remain unprocessed.
As a healer, I too can experience these lower vibrations from the day to day stresses of life, kids and personal commitments.
We are all souls that are having a human experience on this plane/t.
So we need to be kind to ourselves and remember that we are doing the best we can in our current circumstances.
And that’s all we need to do.
And we are exactly where we are meant to be.
For those days that aren’t so easy…
When the moon is just not aligning in our favour, or the planet is just not cooperating.
When our emotions are being triggered or something is just not the way you want it to be
There are some important things you can do to shift your vibration to a higher frequency.
On a conscious level.
What I can suggest you do (what I do) is:
❤️ Give your soul the gift of some personal time. 5 -10 minutes to yourself won’t hurt your situation
❤️Close your eyes and breath in and out deeply and purposefully, filling your belly in with air until you can feel the bottom of your stomach reach your hips, then exhale again.
❤️Block out what is happening right now and be only in your body, focused on your belly breathing.
❤️ Remember you have time. You are the boss of you
❤️Repeat this until you feel totally within your body
❤️Bring to your minds attention, your most favourite memory or memories that brought you joy and comfort.
❤️Sit in that moment for a while. Seep in that feeling into your bones and body and feel how your body changes to match the vibration and frequency of the thoughts you are creating in your mind.
❤️Smile as you feel and relive these positive memories and emotions. Let it sway within your entire body from your feet to your head.
❤️Keep those vibrations and thoughts as your primary emotions right now and for as long as you can throughout your day
❤️Now anchor in this feeling. Imagine something physical – that resonates with you, be it some kind of an energetic pin to keep it pinned to the forefront of your mind. It could be an energetic red flag reminder, sticky tape, blue tack or thumb nail.
❤️ Put a calendar reminder to remind you of this energetic pin to pop up twice a week.
You always have this moment within you.
All you have to do is choose to focus on it, rather than the other bits and pieces you have also pinned to the forefront of your mind.
Instead, unpin the other stuff that does not serve you.
That is out of your control
And only look at it when it is necessary, when it is time. Or schedule it into your calendar.
If you find that you cannot muster the strength to do the above
Start fake laughing out loud 🤣
Create the sounds, the smiles, the wrinkles, the facial cues as if you are exploding with the giggles.
Even if you don’t feel like it.
Watch how it changes the way you feel.
And go with it.
Train your body to feel this way more often.
So you attract the same vibrations
You will raise your vibration and frequency and ease the tension that is building within you.
You have peace within you ALWAYS.
It’s just a matter of trying to let it surface.
If all else fails, I am here to help you dump some of the bigger emotional baggage to get you to a place that’s managable X😊

The Importance of Electrolytes

The Importance of Electrolytes

In my experience as a healer, electrolytes are so underrated in its importance for Mind and Body balance and physical optimal function. It is SO EASILY imbalanced - But just as easily corrected

I bet you didn’t know how easy it is for the electrolyte system in our bodies to get imbalanced…
One of my favourite drinks is fresh coconut juice!
I love drinking straight from the coconut 💖
They are delicious and fresh and as a bonus, SUPER PACKED with electrolytes for deep hydration yum!
Electrolytes in the body are like battery power for our internal body system.
From my experience as a healer it is actually a really underrated root cause that people don’t realise can cause complications and physical and emotional symptoms over time.
One of the first and most common things that come up for body symptoms and emotional issues in my clients are imbalances caused from electrolyte utilisation, electrolyte deficiency and electrolyte absorption imbalances.
If the body is imbalanced the electrolyte system can get interrupted and if left, can cause issues that can last years.
In my healing sessions aimed at correcting emotional and physical problems, we can discover these imbalances and can easily reset the electrolyte system so that the area of the body experiencing the electrolyte problem can start to function correctly as it should.
And then when we have electo rolyte intake the body can actually use what we drink, kick start the areas healing ability and be balanced again!
And let the body heal.
If you have a physical or emotioanl symptom you just can’t seem to shake and heal, I invite you to book a session with me and see what we can do.
Between me, your higher self and Divine source that I have to help me, it could be a simple electrolyte imbalance and other areas in the body needing to be reset to kick start the healing process again X