Idea Allergies – Do you know you can be allergic to a thought or an idea?

One of my favourite imbalances that I like to discover and release is what we call an Idea Allergy.

An idea allergy is exactly how it sounds. An allergic reaction to a thought or idea you come in contact with. Allergic symptoms that present when in contact with an idea allergy are fatigue, sudden sleepiness, panic or stress, overwhelm, sadness and sudden headaches to name a few.

I used to have an idea allergy come on when my house was messy. When it was very messy I would look around and get super stressed out and panic everytime I saw the mess.

Instead of being able to stay calm and start cleaning in manageable bite size pieces, (what I do now) what I did instead was feel totally out of my depth and panic. My breathing would get shallow, my face would drain of blood and there was that feeling of anxiety and despair I couldn’t shake. I felt the mess was out of control. I would start yelling orders to get the kids to clean up, get mad at my husband for not doing enough and start feeling so overwhelmed and tired I had to lay down which just made the issue worse because I couldn’t clean!

After a period of time I realised this wasn’t going away and not something I wanted to do every weekend. It wasn’t healthy for anyone including myself. So I had an Energy Healing session done for myself to help me feel calmer when the house was messy.

What I found was that I had an Idea Allergy to Being Overwhelmed. Along with other emotions such as Vulnerability, Lack of control, Unsupported, Anxiety and Excess stress hormone which contributed to this allergy. The main culprit to this reactive feeling that took over my body was this Idea Allergy to Being Overwhelmed. Amazing.

This was very early on in my healing journey so I didn’t realise how many Idea allergies you can actually have, or how important they really were to being able to move forward.

The best part was that once I had cleared this Idea allergy I was totally capable of cleaning the house without the panic and overwhelm and was able to see the mess and feel calm.

Instead, I calmly ask the kids and the husband to please help clean : ) And if we cannot get to it I am still OK and fine to wait until we get to it.

If it sounds like you may have an Idea allergy I would love to help you on your journey to FREEDOM. Because it feels so good to not be a prisoner to your own emotions.

To enable access for more people to have huge shifts and healings I have opened a new 30 min session offering which allows HUGE impact along with my usual 1 hour sessions. Right now I have a promotional special for a 2 session package for both offerings that I am running for those who would like to take advantage of the current boost that the Universe is giving us to help heal our bodies and bring us to a higher frequency of Love and Peace.

It will create massive shifts that you can see and feel and whatever your Idea Allergy is, it is definitely possible to have freedom from this and whatever triggers you. It is one of my favourite imbalances to find and release because once cleared it has such a powerful impact that creates huge change and moves you towards PEACE.

If you feel like you may have an Idea allergy it’s definitely worth exploring and I would be honoured to serve you.