Services Offered

Body Code

Trapped emotions, triggers and procrastination

Address overthinking, stress, emotional reactivity, resistances, fears and more by removing the emotions that are the culprit

Physical symptoms Body aches and pain

Free yourself from physical pain and odd symptoms in the body that you've tried to resolve and didn' think was possible!

Kids growing pains Common symptoms like shyness and sleep problems

Remove root causes to common issues of growing children and teens


Relatonships are single handedly the most important aspect of life and families. We offer a service to heal your relationship from deep within


Our beloved pets can also trap negative emotions, and energetic blocks that stop the healing process

Abundance and Money blocks

Our subconscious can form negative beliefs about money and this causes limits or problems with receiving abundance and money, but you can free these beliefs and unblock your way to abundance

Release the emotions that you store in your body to feel lighter and happier!

Release the negative emotions that cause you to feel negative emotions too reactively and excessively. All too often our bodies trap emotions that do not get processed and instead get pushed down into the body to deal with later. The problem is that it gets stuck in the body. These emotions are vibrating at a low frequency all the time, causing you to feel the same way. After a while you don’t even notice it, its like an airconditioner running constantly in the background, until you come into contact with the emotion again. Then it kind of activates all the negative emotions inside you, all at once. This is why you can experience an emotion so intensely. Emotions such as sadness and grief, panic and anxiousness, anger and frustration can all build up in the body and have a negative effect on how we handle stuff that gets thrown our way.

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How Can I Help?

If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed or even if your problem isn’t listed, why not reach out and book free chat below about how I can help you.  We have package specials and lots of options as I am always creating offers and new ways of doing things to suit demand. 

Email sessions

Email sessions are offered as a no frills easy option to release emotional baggage without hassle. This allows the subconscious a deep cleaning of dense negative emotions. Follow up phone calls are offered for discussion and that personal touch.

Video Sessions

Video or phone calls are available in 30 min or 1 hour increments for a density clearing and detailed clearing of root causes.

The subconscious knows exactly what to remove according to time allowed and importance of removal

Whichever option you choose you will get a massive clearance of negative energies that no longer serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of sessions you need will depend on how many layers of energy and emotions are built up in the body, and what you are working on. Many have reported huge shifts after only one session. We recommend to start off with 2 sessions to maximise healing a certain problem you are facing. That may be all you need or what we tend to find is that you may like to work on other areas after successfully healing the original problem they came to us for! It is different for everybody and I tend to find if someone has come to me with a physical issue that requires more than 1 session, they normally walk away feeling loads happier even after the first one.

All sessions are done remotely either via over the phone, video conference or done without talking at all. You get sent a report via email and a follow up voice recording with the ability to message me with any questions. Because we are all energy we connect energectically to carry out your healing and it is perfectly working no matter what you choose! 

I work on your energy system for about an hour as this what the subconscious can usually handle before going into processing mode. I connect to you energetically and once connected, I find the imbalances and energies responsible for the symptom you have come to me form by muscle testing.  I use my charts to find the exact root causes and lift it out of your energy field using the Governing meridian and sometimes magnets. You can read more on this in the How It Works section.

Results are dependant on the individual and how they process energies. I have had people feel instant relief the second I have removed the imbalancing energy. Other times it can take weeks to start feeling and noticing the changes.