Prepare For Your Healing Session

Before Your Session:

Here are some simple tips to ensure a strong and successful energy connection everytime

  1. Drink at least 2 glasses of water 1 or 2 hours before your session

  2. Ensure you test your connection and join the meeting 15 mins earlier to test and get Video and microphone permissions on your phone, laptop or computer is working.

  3. Be clear about your symptoms and write down the emotional or physical symptoms you are experiencing and rate the intensity out of 10 (10 is most intense)

  4. Block out some quiet time with no distractions. This is your time for you.

  5. If you prefer not to discuss events in detail that come up please let me know. We can confirm without needing to say out loud.

Side Effects

Most of the time there are no side effects however there can be times that the body can experience the following:

– Fatigue
– Echoes of the emotions that were released
– Echoes of the sicknesses that were released
– Nausea
– Feeling emotional sensitivity

After your session:

To prevent the body getting ‘Overloaded” with too much activity, the subconscious will no longer allow any more to be released and we need to allow healing to occur.

You are a slightly different version of yourself now that you are no longer carrying what was removed. To help the healing process be smooth and take effect as quickly as possible, ensure the following

1. Drink Loads of Water. Your body’s cells are made of water and have just released a bucket load. You and your cells will need water replenishment during this time of processing.

2. Move the body and recalibrate the energy movement that has occurred.

Things you can do to allow the energy to move and settle within and recalibrate the body include:

  1. Walking
  2. Jogging
  3. Yoga
  4. Massage
  5. Meditation

If you have any questions or concerns I am more than happy to assist!

Just email your questions to


The Process

The initial consultation with you will cover what symptoms you are experiencing and give you an indication of how many sessions you may need. Here we give you the process of a typical session. 

1. Discover root cause
of the symptom

We connect to your subconscious and identify emotion and energy or body part that is causing you to experience your symptom using muscle testing. Our muscles act like a lie detector. Flexes when something true is said, weak when something false is said.

2. Acknowledge the energy and process it

Once we find the energy we must get permission by the subconscious to then release it. There may be a need to know the age or event, or find underlying energetic imbalances before the subconscious allows release

3. Release

Once the energy is discovered acknowledged and processed we release the energy. We send the command to release through the Governing meridian which sends the command to the rest of the energy systems. We continue to identify, process and release until your body goes into processing mode

4. Processing Time

As soon as we start releasing energy your body goes into processing mode. Once enough energy is released that the body cannot release anymore, your body will indicate to stop to allow for healing

5. Feel lighter and happier

Once the energies have been released experience life without the density of your emotional past baggage. The physical symptom may less intense or completely heal entirely because the energies blocking healing is no longer there.