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Identify and release the emotional baggage causing your most stubborn issue right now. Start changing your life today!

You Have Nothing To Lose But Emotional Baggage!

Need to Release Negative Emotions and Subconscious Blocks from your Mind and Body?

Let me RELEASE the Negative Emotions and Subconscious Blocks from your Body to Reveal your TRUE POTENTIAL!

Hi there and welcome to The Healing Code Solution : )

I’m Yenny, and I work closely with Divine Source and your Higher self, connect to the subconscious to find and release built up emotional blocks, faulty subconcious beliefs that no longer serve you and clear dense energy responsible for recurring sickness, emotional imbalance and physical symptoms from the body.

Our way of life and neccessary hustle means that our bodies go through alot of stresses and events that create dense negative energies that get stuck in the body and block the healing process. Stresses that we weren’t physically designed for. Threats that our bodies weren’t prepared for in this modern age, which has us slowly switching our bodies into survival mode and being unable to turn this off as we age despite not being under threat anymore.

My challenges and pains, as well as my unique Human Design, that being a Projector with a defined Crown with constant energy to Divine Source, and an open Sacral, allows me to deeply connect into other’s aura, speak to the Higher self and clear negative programs and lower vibrations that are trapped, raising your natural frequency to bring you back into alignment with who you are born to be.

What I have found, is that working together with Divine Source and using the Quantum energy field creates very real results in a tangible way, that you can often see and feel from your very first session.

I use a combination of Divine Intervention, Emotion Code, Body Code and the Chakra Energy centres to find clear and release what’s required to bring back peace and joy you were born with. Your Birth Right.

Yenny M
Body Code Practitioner

 Why not try it for free. Let me Identify and release the biggest emotions or energies causing your most stubborn issue right now, physical or emotional, and at what age! Start changing your life today!

Need to Release Negative Emotions and Subconscious Blocks from your Mind and Body?

Need to Release Negative Emotions and Subconscious Blocks from your Mind and Body?

What I have discovered has changed my life and can change yours too

Need to Release Negative Emotions and Subconscious Blocks from your Mind and Body?

What I have discovered has changed my life and can change yours too

Hi! I'm 

I work closely with Divine Energy and your Higher self, find and release emotional blocks and faulty subconcious beliefs responsible for recurring sickness, emotional imbalance and physical symptoms from the body. If you have been struggling to rebalance on your own, allow Divine Intervention to help balance and heal, so your Body heals on it's own again. Using The Emotion Code and Body Code

What I have discovered has changed my life and can change yours too ♥

Body Code

Hi there! I have a unique ability to remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs with more than 90% success rate with our customers!
Let me help with releasing emotional baggage today.


Trapped emotions, triggers procrastination and trauma

Address overthinking, stress, emotional reactivity, resistances, fears and more

Physical symptoms Body aches and pain

Free yourself from physical pain and odd symptoms in the body that you've tried to resolve and didn' think was possible!

Kids growing pains Common symptoms like shyness and sleep problems

Remove root causes to common issues of growing children


Relatonships are arguably single handedly the most important aspect of life and families. We offer a service to heal your relationship from deep within. With or without partner involvement


Free your pet from physical pain and odd symptoms you didn't think was possible!

Abundance Blocks

Ever get the feeling you are cursed or have the worst luck? There are probably energetic blocks causing it!

New here?
Book a Discovery Call

discover the hidden blocks within

Book a Complimentary Discovery Session for us to explore your concerns and start releasing blocks right away

0-17yrsI can help your child without being intrusive or your child being involved at all

Building a Brighter Future.

Helping your child get through some of the harder times has never been easier or more achievable than now.

As a mum of 4 kids with a mix of teens and primary school kids, I understand some of the challenges that this modern world can create for our children. I want you to know it really is possible to transform shyness, lack of confidence and fear, feelings of anger and lack of control and behavioural challenges into a thriving happy, peaceful and confident child. Without needing their involvement at all. 

I would be so honoured to help your child too as my greatest joy is to help children no matter what age, release these low vibrational emotions that are so easy to pick up and leave unprocessed for years. You and your children deserve to feel secure, and at peace. 

why choose ME

I want you to get results just as much as you do!

Get REAL results

Target real symptoms that are troubling you and remove root causes to heal the emotional or physical symptom to improve your quality of life quickly and easily

Total convenience

We connect energetically from anywhere! We can even do email sessions to save you $$$ and I will still speak to you over the phone to discuss your session after its completed.

Choice of Heart Wall removal is included in your sessions

Remove your Heart wall in minutes with our fast and effective process. No need to buy an extra package

Target Real Problems

Healing with tangible results that improves your quality of life in a real way.

Fast results

This healing doesn't require hours of your week trying to relax and meditate or exercise when you can't! We simply find the causes and release it from your body.


The Process

The initial consultation with you will cover what symptoms you are experiencing and give you an indication of how many sessions you may need

Here we give you the process of a typical session. 

1. Discover root cause
of the symptom

I connect to your subconscious and identify the emotions and energy causing your symptom using muscle testing. Our muscles act like a lie detector. They flex when something true is said, and go weak when it's something false. Try it for yourself!

2. Acknowledge the energy and process it

Once we find the energy we must get permission by the subconscious to then release it. Your subconscious may want you to know the age or event, or find underlying energetic imbalances before it allows us to release it

3. Release

Once the energy is discovered acknowledged and processed we release the energy. While connected to you, I send the command through the Governing meridian which sends it to the rest of the body systems. We continue to identify, process and release until your body goes into processing mode

4. Processing Time

As soon as we start releasing energy your body goes into processing mode. Once enough energy is released that the body cannot release anymore, your body will indicate to stop to allow for healing

5. Feel lighter and happier

Once the energies have been released experience life without the density of your emotional past baggage and feel happy. Physical symptoms may be less intense or completely heal entirely because the energies blocking healing is no longer there.

You Have Nothing To Lose But Emotional Baggage!

Want to know how it works? Let us release the biggest emotional energies that are affecting your problem right now, completely free of charge.

The answers from your subconscious, will be emailed to you. Please allow 24 – 48 hours.

Your subconscious will thank you!

Client testimonialS

What Customers Are Saying

"I tried the The Healing Code Solution for chronic shoulder pain. Not only did my shoulder pain clear, but I also felt so much more positive and lighter. Yenny is a very understanding and very intuitive so it was a very easy process. I would really advise anyone to give Yenny and her amazing healing power a go."
Ivana B
"I've tried meditation, counselling and psychology and nothing is as effective as Yenny's sessions, they really get to the root of the issue. I'm now able to communicate much better with people and I'm able to move forward In life without the fear of having PTSD episodes in public. Yenny is a truly gifted healer."
Tyson A
Female Profile
"I have had a few sessions with Yenny and the physical aliment that I have had since I was 7 has gone and has not come back. Yenny is really professional, empathetic and very dedicated to ensuring that there is a result. The Body and Emotion code has had great effect for me."
Renee L
"I remember I was very anxious and crying a lot in my 1st session. Now after the 3rd session, I feel so calm, relaxed and peaceful. All the anxieties, disempowering beliefs about myself were discovered and gone."
Linda L
Female Profile
"I wanted to thank you for the session we did yesterday, which has really made a difference already. The pain has since subsided, so I am really happy."
Dorothe P


I have a natural gift and believe if you were led to my page, you were guided by a Higher Power. I take pride in my work and ensure high quality service to all my clients

I love to help people and ensure the best experience and most effective healing is made possible. I ensure to connect with all my clients personally and speak to you about your symptoms, goals and progress, walking with you each step of the journey.