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Today is R U OK day and a strong reminder for us all to check in on people we interact with and offer support where needed and to also take care of ourselves and reach out for help if you are struggling because you don’t need to do it alone.
So many people can struggle silently with depression, anxiety and hopelessness and feel unable to get themselves out of that state of feeling because it can be downright impossible to see the light when overwhelmed by such strong negative emotions.
I understand that sometimes it’s not as easy as trying to reach out to people to ask if they are OK even with the best intentions because people who are internally struggling can be so closed up with walls so thick and high no matter how much you try to reach out, they feel shame, helpless and hopelessness within themselves.
I recall a day back when I was working in my corporate IT job that I saw a person from the finance team in the elevator and tried to have small talk like I normally do.
I noticed he was really closed off and it felt a little awkward as he was able to shut down my attempts to talk to him and left us both in silence.
When I left the elevator I stopped for a moment and said a silent prayer to help that man with whatever he was going through.
From that moment I made a conscious effort to talk to him more and help him feel safe to speak to me to try and create a connection.
About a year later I was brought into the CEO’s office on a Monday morning and was worried that something was wrong with the IT systems.
He had a concerned look on his face as he told me that someone was missing.
That man from the elevator was missing.
I immediately felt sick.
It was out of character for this person to be late and not contact the office to let someone know of the reason or that he will be late.
I wasn’t sure what had happened but felt so uneasy and knew something bad happened.
I was tasked with trying to find out the location and last known whereabouts using phone records and laptop of when he was last logged into a computer.
There was no phone calls in or out for months. 😞
The next few hours was a bit of a frenzy finding his location.
I was also thinking about the Friday prior, and how he had issues logging into his laptop.
I had reset his password and told him to try again and to contact me if he had issues.
I later found out that he was still unable to login. 😞
He didn’t reach out to me like I had invited him to.
He expressed his frustration and anger through an IT ticket he had logged through the system hours later.
This was his first day back from a massive holiday. And he had lost hours of time trying to get access to his laptop.
I still remember how deep getting Holiday blues can really be from my own experiences in the past.
By Tuesday morning we had got news that he had ended his life.
That this had occurred on Sunday morning.
We were all so devastated and couldn’t believe it.
His family had flown to Sydney from Brisbane and told us that he was planning this suicide for a long time as they found post it notes and evidence all throughout his apartment.
It was a hard time in the office and we were all brought together to support each other and come to terms with what had happened.
A lot of people felt they could have done more. That they did not do enough. I was one of them.
Today as a healer I have a different understanding of what can cause people to get be so overwhelmed by emotions like depression, hopelessness, despair and shame.
And that people can develop and build a Heart Wall so that they do not reach out or believe they are worthy of help.
What I believe is that we can go through a lot during our life, from childhood and school, work and loss. We go through events that test us. We go through stages that hurt us and creates negative emotions and beliefs.
We can also inherit emotions and sicknesses that were unprocessed by our ancestors, and even have emotions trapped from previous lives that are still resonating within our bodies in this lifetime.
Our bodies are designed to process these emotions and sicknesses, but it can sometimes get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of how much needs to be processed all at once that it can get pushed down into the body and left there.
These emotions are like little balls of energy. And if trapped in the body to build up can cause our emotions to become so imbalanced that we start to feel the same as our negative emotions resonating within our bodies
All. The. Time.
We start to feel these lower vibrational frequencies as if we are still experiencing the emotions even when the event that caused the emotion has long since passed.
These energies can build up in the tissues of our bodies and manifest into physical symptoms blocking the body’s natural ability to recover, heal and balance.
Sometimes it takes devastation and trauma to push us to recreate ourselves and understand that we need to heal from our emotions and trauma.
If we can process and get past the emotions and heal within ourselves, joy and freedom is just on the other side of this pain.
The beautiful thing is that we are all made of love and high vibrational frequency. We all have love and light within us.
It is our birth right.
We need to allow it to come through.
But we can get clouded by our emotions and energies created here on the planet.
We all need to support each other and ask each other R U OK. Not just today but always. Together we are stronger.

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