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The Importance of Electrolytes

In my experience as a healer, electrolytes are so underrated in its importance for Mind and Body balance and physical optimal function. It is SO EASILY imbalanced - But just as easily corrected

I bet you didn’t know how easy it is for the electrolyte system in our bodies to get imbalanced…
One of my favourite drinks is fresh coconut juice!
I love drinking straight from the coconut 💖
They are delicious and fresh and as a bonus, SUPER PACKED with electrolytes for deep hydration yum!
Electrolytes in the body are like battery power for our internal body system.
From my experience as a healer it is actually a really underrated root cause that people don’t realise can cause complications and physical and emotional symptoms over time.
One of the first and most common things that come up for body symptoms and emotional issues in my clients are imbalances caused from electrolyte utilisation, electrolyte deficiency and electrolyte absorption imbalances.
If the body is imbalanced the electrolyte system can get interrupted and if left, can cause issues that can last years.
In my healing sessions aimed at correcting emotional and physical problems, we can discover these imbalances and can easily reset the electrolyte system so that the area of the body experiencing the electrolyte problem can start to function correctly as it should.
And then when we have electo rolyte intake the body can actually use what we drink, kick start the areas healing ability and be balanced again!
And let the body heal.
If you have a physical or emotioanl symptom you just can’t seem to shake and heal, I invite you to book a session with me and see what we can do.
Between me, your higher self and Divine source that I have to help me, it could be a simple electrolyte imbalance and other areas in the body needing to be reset to kick start the healing process again X

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