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Congratulations your booking is confirmed and you are on your way!

Get the most out of your healing session and follow these simple ways to prepare yourself

Once the first energy has been released, your body goes into processing mode. Here are some simple tips to ensure a strong and successful energy connection everytime

Remember to drink plenty of fluids after a session. Your body’s cells are made of water and have just released a bucket load. You and your cells will need water replenishment during this time of processing.

Once you've completed a session there are some great ways to get the energy moving around the body to fill up the empty spaces left over from your healing.

Treatments of healing emotional pain is vast and there are a multitude of methods out there that can help you heal. The Emotion Code and Body code is different, because it can target and remove the precise root cause of the problem you are facing and have real changes quickly that show in the way you feel and think in a matter of days or weeks after your session/s. Once you remote the actual energy from your body that has been causing you problems the body goes into processing mode. Processing is where the body rearranges and moves around energies that have been released. The body needs to fill in the space that was once there.

To prevent the body getting ‘Overloaded” with too much activity, the subconscious will no longer allow any more to be released and we need to allow healing to occur.

Most of the time there are mild to no side effects, however there is a possibility there are. Side effects can include:

– Fatigue
– Echoes of the emotion that was released
– Nausea
– Feeling emotional sensivity

You Have Nothing To Lose But Emotional Baggage!

Want to know how it works? Let us release 2 of the biggest emotional energies that are affecting your problem right now, completely free of charge.

The answers from your subconscious, will be emailed to you. Please allow 24 – 48 hours.

Your subconscious will thank you!


The Process

The initial consultation with you will cover what symptoms you are experiencing and give you an indication of how many sessions you may need. Here we give you the process of a typical session. 

1. Discover root cause
of the symptom

We connect to your subconscious and identify emotion and energy or body part that is causing you to experience your symptom using muscle testing. Our muscles act like a lie detector. Flexes when something true is said, weak when something false is said.

2. Acknowledge the energy and process it

Once we find the energy we must get permission by the subconscious to then release it. There may be a need to know the age or event, or find underlying energetic imbalances before the subconscious allows release

3. Release

Once the energy is discovered acknowledged and processed we release the energy. We send the command to release through the Governing meridian which sends the command to the rest of the energy systems. We continue to identify, process and release until your body goes into processing mode

4. Processing Time

As soon as we start releasing energy your body goes into processing mode. Once enough energy is released that the body cannot release anymore, your body will indicate to stop to allow for healing

5. Feel lighter and happier

Once the energies have been released experience life without the density of your emotional past baggage. The physical symptom may less intense or completely heal entirely because the energies blocking healing is no longer there.