Do you ever wake up feeling stressed, panicky or have anxiousness whether you have something to stress over or not?


The Healing Code Solution, helps busy and stressed out people who try their best to live a meaningful life but struggle with pressures of balancing home and work priorities, by clearing built up stress, overwhelm and anxiety to restore Emotional and Physical balance, feel calm and in control. Using a unique and effective Energy Healing System, we combine both the science of Quantum Energy and miracles of Divine Led Intervention enabled by a true gifted Lightworker and healer to UNLOCK subconscious codes revealing the God Given Peace and Joy that resides within you


About Your  
Energy Healer

Hello, I am Yenny. I believe you were led here by following your own intuition and most importantly Divine Intervention

Body Code Practitioner

All You Need is a little faith and a tiny bit of HOPE

I am an experienced Energy Healer that have had many miracles come through me for the purpose of myself and my clients and I act as a conduit for Divine Purpose and Healing of the people on the planet through Divine Intervention. 

I am a reformed stressed out, short tempered, busy and frustrated mum, people pleaser and suffered many years with crippling low self esteem as a child through to adulthood. 

The result of such low self esteem has led me down many dark paths throughout my life almost at every stage, but with Divine Intervention and miracles that cannot be explained, I was led to the path that I was always meant to be on.  A Divine Energy Healer and Conduit. 

I thought THCS was too good to be true. I tried everything but all took too much time, too much dedication and too much money. Counselling left me feeling upset and opened up with no solution. Meditation and wellness modalities seemed to need me to already be calm to do them. Medical specialists would just suggest things I already tried that did not work.

I felt hopeless until I slowly took out the bits that worked from everything I had learned, and together with my God given healing ability, to create The Healing Code Solution.

A solution that not only worked but had completely changed my inner world which led to changes to my outter world and how I coped with being busy and stressed.

No matter what was happening I had stillness within and an ability to stay calm and focussed. It is SUCH a beautiful change that all people need!
This is my purpose, so that I could heal myself and then help others do the same.

Using The Healing Code Solution:

All without changing your circumstances

Stress, Panic and Overwhelming thoughts can be caused by multiple factors

Busy lives, chemical imbalances, traumatic life events, too much happening at once, genetics or personality predispositions can all contribute to an eventual life of stress, panic and negative thought patterns that block the ability to cope and see things rationally, feel calm and stay present in the moment. 

I believe all these causes are the product of unprocessed energy from those factors that gets stored in the body and builds up to a point where the body can no longer regulate emotions and rebalance. Yes we can even inherit energy from our parents and ancestors.

Our bodies have the ability to heal and restore balance, however this sense of renew cannot happen if the energy becomes too dense with negative stress chemicals, dense energies and negative emotions.

We are ALL born of pure love and peace. But energy and trapped emotions start harbouring the body and soul

No one has more right to peace, self love and happiness than you do. 

We are all born with the same ability to hold onto love and what we choose to. But as we go through life these energies do build up in the body. 

As children, we weren’t equipped to know how to process disappointments, rejections, criticism or pain, real or perceived. 

So it is likely that by the time we are older we already have some energies trapped in the body. Then we start down the path of life with this emotional baggage at the gate.

Body Code Practitioner

An Ordinary Girl With An Extraordinary Mission

Client testimonialS

What Customers Are Saying

"I tried the The Healing Code Solution for chronic shoulder pain. Not only did my shoulder pain clear, but I also felt so much more positive and lighter. Yenny is a very understanding and very intuitive so it was a very easy process. I would really advise anyone to give Yenny and her amazing healing power a go."
Ivana B
"I've tried meditation, counselling and psychology and nothing is as effective as Yenny's sessions, they really get to the root of the issue. I'm now able to communicate much better with people and I'm able to move forward In life without the fear of having PTSD episodes in public. Yenny is a truly gifted healer."
Tyson A
Female Profile
"I have had a few sessions with Yenny and the physical aliment that I have had since I was 7 has gone and has not come back. Yenny is really professional, empathetic and very dedicated to ensuring that there is a result. The Body and Emotion code has had great effect for me."
Renee L
"I remember I was very anxious and crying a lot in my 1st session. Now after the 3rd session, I feel so calm, relaxed and peaceful. All the anxieties, disempowering beliefs about myself were discovered and gone."
Linda L

The Healing Code Solution Unlocks Subconscious Codes and uses Divine Intervention to help people declutter

The Healing Code Solution is incredibly effective and a GROUND BREAKING innovation of combining both Quantum energy and Divine Led Intervention for NEXT LEVEL Healing. 

We can literally change the version of you to be lighter and more free version before the dense clutter of energy  began building up and stuck within your Electromagnetic BioField.

Using a combination of Divine Spirit Intervention, Quantum energy and your body’s own Chakra systems working together through the conduit of your energy healer Yenny, you can quickly and painlessly release the energy blocks causing stress, overwhelm, fear, anxiety and terror – to name a few. 

It can resolve physical as well as emotional blockages FAST. And results you can see and feel in a subtle but very quick way.

I can connect to your subconscious energetically, from anywhere in the world

Your subconscious tells me precisely what energies are the issue and WHEN it was trapped, by muscle testing

I get to remove the blocks found and the energy or emotion finally get processed and released from the body

All Energy channels in the body are reset and aligned to integrate the healing effectively so you feel better faster. 

Best of all, we pave the way and setup your body to manifest exactly what you really want, allowing spirit the chance to deliver what you desire.

It really is the missing piece to the puzzle of life

The Healing Code Solution can target the many emotional and physical issues we face in today's economic and world peace crisis.

Today we are offering our Stress Reduction Fast Detox Package DeSTRESS To SUCCESS

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DeSTRESS to Success

Behind the scenes
$ 150
  • 2 week package targeting stress , panic and anxiety
  • No interaction required it is all done behind the scenes
  • Email and Phone recording each week to summarise progress

DeSTRESS to Success

In Real Time
$ 222
  • 2 week package targeting stress , panic and anxiety
  • Healing sessions are over Video call once a week
  • Questions can be asked in real time

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